Maine Coast Waldorf High School

Freeport, Maine

The new 11,400 s.f., $3.3M net zero high school is a certified Maine Advanced Building.  The school also received certification from Passive House Institute of United States (PHIUS)–the highest voluntary energy efficiency standard in the world. The high school is the only passive house high school in the United States certified through PHIUS.

Maine Coast Waldorf School’s commitment to energy efficiency and sustainability is prevalent throughout the project. Allied Engineering provided Mechanical and Plumbing system designs.  Some design features  include:

  • Interior LED lighting tied to “occupancy sensors”
  • Air source heat pumps provide very efficient heating and cooling. (Internal heat gains from people, computers, lighting, and equipment provide significant heating in the winter & heat pumps make up the difference if needed.)
  • Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs) use the exhausted air to precondition the incoming fresh air to minimize energy loss
  • Roof mounted solar panel array is sized to produce at least as much electricity as the building is projected to use.

This project was completed in October of 2017.