Cumberland County Courthouse

Portland, Maine

Allied Engineering has been working with Cumberland County for many years on a wide range of projects.  Some of these projects include the following:

  • AEI has provided renovations, reroofing and structural upgrade modifications for various roof projects at the above facility. This facility was commissioned in 1910 and has building system elements unique to that vintage, including post-tensioned terracotta floor and bearing wall systems.
  • AEI has provided various designs for mechanical systems modifications/upgrades, a basement office installation beneath the main stairway, storage mezzanine in the attic with stair access from the upper level, HVAC modifications to jury rooms, and roof repair designs.
  • AEI provided mechanical, electrical and structural engineering support on the evaluation of conditions and programming deficiencies at the Cumberland Courthouse Facility. The report served as the basis of information for the Cumberland County Space Needs Task Force in identifying deficiencies and space need requirements for this facility. William P. Faucher, P.E., Principal of Allied Engineering served as a member of this Spaces Needs Task Force.